Christmas morning hair

Anyone have any great tips? My children are up at dawn and unless I set the alarm to get up at 4 am and do my hair, it's going to be a bit fuzzy. Besides, I like the early disheveled look for Christmas morning pics - I just don't want to look *too* disheveled. I need the hair equivalent of natural-look make-up.

I haven't had great luck with 2nd day hair but I do have a product arsenal including SIF, GF gel spray, JC awe inspiraling spray, JC Confident Coils, GF curl & shine leave-in, CJ banana hibiscus leave-in (fine), (sheesh, PJ much? ), as well as other assorted gels and conditioners.

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I've been having good luck pineappling lately. I never did before, but it's worth a shot. It doesn't look perfect by any means, but good enough for Christmas morning just got out of bed look.
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I've been having good luck pineappling lately.
Originally Posted by NeedSleep
That's the ponytail on top of the head, right? Do you dampen it or add gel before putting it up?

Thanks -
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mostly-almost-definitely CG, definitely a PJ
photo journal
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updated pics Dec 2006
I don't do anything to my pineapple before I go to bed, just put it up in a scrunchie and sleep. In the morning before I take the scrunchie out, I take a spray bottle that has 2 squirts of my condish in water and squirt all over my head and smooth those frizzies - mostly the back and sides that are still up. These areas will be underneath once I take out the scrunchie. Then I take out the scrunchie and squirt asll over the rest of my hair smoothing the curls and scrunching them as necessary. My hair ends up pretty damp but not totally dripping wet, and it will dry quickly anyway. That's my recipe for second day hair. I have never had any luck putting gels or other product other than the watered down conditioner in my hair.
Hope this helps you
I sleep with it in a ponytail too and drape the hair across my pillow so that I'm not sleeping on it. The next morning I use re:coil and curl keeper together on the dry hair and it looks like it did the first day. If I spray it with a little water then put the re:coil in then by the time it dries I have ringlets in places that didn't even have them the first day!
My hair will probably go in my Magicbun for present opening but after my Christmas morning nap () I'll shower and fix it for the day.
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Going natural for the summer...just a dab of ArcAngell!
OMG!! Can I just say that I am soooo glad I'm not the only one who has thought about this already, too?
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