Curl Keeper questions

My pj is out of control and I'm eyeballing Ck . Can some of you share your routine with me ? Would I use milkshake then CK then a gel ?
I know it helps with frizz which I could use help with but is it curl enhancing , does it weigh curl down at all ?
My hair gets weighed down very easily but CK works perfect for it as long as I don't use too much. I put on CK first (and a curl enhancer) followed by a light gel. Some people can use CK on its own but I'm not one of them! Milkshake could probably go in before or after the CK and it wouldn't matter. That product made my hair too soft to the point that it would not hold a style so just make sure yours doesn't get too weighed down or over conditioned from both products! I hope that helps a little. I can use CK on wet or dry hair but a lot of people use it on very wet hair only.
I use it after my leave in conditioner and before my styling cream so I would think you would use it over the milkshake but you could experiment. CK is very light and doesn't have much hold for me....I basically use it for frizz reduction and rely on other things for everything else.

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