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Does this cleanse the scalp well, and not dry it out? I'm looking for a shampoo that is gentle and good for a dry scalp. I use Nizoral, but think that I just have a dry scalp not a scalp problem. I have dry skin too.
Originally Posted by CurlyMireya
Yes, this may be just the right product for you. It cleanses well without stripping, and it has lightweight oils that can prevent dryness. I would suggest giving it a try. It's an excellent product.
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It sounds good, but I'm afraid that very gentle products may make my hair feel weighed down. I used Creme of Nature for awhile with good results but lately whenever I use it it feels like it's not completely rinsed out of my hair. It makes it feel and look weighed down and blah. I like some shampoos that have sulfates, but they tend to dry out my scalp more. I can never win. I was lookng at Jessicurl's site... How does the Gentle Lathering Shampoo compare to HCC? Thanks!
Gentle Lather has more cleansing oomph than HCC. Neither is as heavy as Cream of Nature.
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 943
Gentle Lather has more cleansing oomph than HCC. Neither is as heavy as Cream of Nature.
Originally Posted by SuZen
Hmmm Gentle Lather may be better for me than HCC then. I'm used to using a shampoo with sulfates (though one is an herbal shampoo with the sulfate far down the list). I wonder how GLS and HCC compare to something like Nature's Gate or Aubrey Organics. I like how Nature's Gate makes my hair feel clean and not weighed down, but it's kind of drying. It's interesting that these products contain oils - I think that may be of benefit to my hair as long as they're washed out good.
If I remember correctly, the Nature's Gate shampoos do have sulfates. Maybe a non-sulfate shampoo would suit your hair well.

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