Confused about humectants. Please help.

So...I'm so confused about when to use and when to avoid humectants. If they draw moisture in, why should they be avoided. I'm hearing they should be avoided in winter with any explanation as to why. Then I hear they should be avoid in hot climates...which is it, avoid in winter, summer, both, neither...? AAAAggggghhhhhhh!!!! I'm pulling my hair out over this.

Can someone please explain in layman's terms?
Basically, to put it really simply, humectants draw moisture from your surroundings. In drier weather, there isn't enough moisture in the air to be drawn out, so it steals moisture from your hair and causes frizz. This is why most people avoid it in winter, but some people, like me, are unaffected by humectants even in drier weather. Some people who have hot, dry summers also avoid humectants then, but drier air is more common in winter, which is why most people put stylers with things like glycerin, honey, propylene glycol, etc., away until humid weather comes around. (I think I explained this correctly! If I didn't, someone feel free to correct me. )

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