At this time I have all the way from 2b to 3a curls and I am at a loss for what to do and don't know where to start,so let's just start at the beginning...

But when I was little I had 3b-c spiral curls all over
Then as I got older my hair got longer and longer,getting less and less curly,with only an occasional trim by my mom(who is a straighty and hasn't a clue about curly/wavy hair)
In my early teens my hair was down to the top of my booty and stayed there for about 5 yrs. (about that time I started using mousse to tame my what was now wavy hair,but still frizzy)

Then just last year I finally got my hair cut to just below my shoulders,with layers,it looked really good fixed with a curling iron but not GREAT with mousse.So now my hair is layered longest layers to the middle of my back with the shortest layers chin length.My hair still looks great curled but not great with mousse/gel and I've tried every mousse/gel walmart carries!

When my hair dries natural with no product it is frizzy, wavy underneath and around one side of my face and poofy on top.
When I use mousse/gel my hair is flat/greasyish on top and around my face but wavy and a little frizzy underneath...
I hate how flat my hair is on top,how yucky and ineffective with product,how frizzy and not curly when natural and how my hair is cut...

So need suggestions on...
What type of product
What type of cut (pics would be nice)
What to do to my natural hair
How to fix frizziness underneath and keep curls
How to make top curlier and less flat

And any other suggestions you may have

P.S. Does the DevaCut work on my type of hair and what do I tell a stylist who doesn't know what a devacut is? Since there are no stylist within 300 miles of where I live...
I am a Wavy Girl,and I want to get more out of my wave!

Still trying

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I would suggest you look into the Curly Girl method/book (CG). It sounds like your hair needs some TLC. Check out the CG before/after photo thread for some inspiration.

There's a lot of great info here on the boards and throughout, so just start reading and learning as much as you can. This website also has a lot of great info: Live Curly Live Free - Home

Here are the basics of the CG Method:

1. Do one final wash with regular shampoo to remove any product build-up remaining in your hair
2. Use conditioner and styling products that do not contain silicones (check the ingredients list for anything that ends in -cone or -xane) or mineral oil/petrolatum.
3. Limit your use of heat styling. You may want to look into a diffuser. Heat styling can be very damaging to your hair, and damage leads to frizz. If your hair has a lot of damage, a protein treatment will probably help considerably. One that I tried and really liked was Ion Reconstructor Keratin Treatment (you can get it at Sally's: Ion - Repair Solutions - Ion Reconstructor 20oz.).
3a/b 'curly bob' in the mid-Atlantic. Goal: more 3b than 3a. CG Oct 2010.

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Leave-in: Cure Care, Ion Moisturizing Treatment
Stylers: Ecostyler Argan Oil, LALSG, LBLOC, Hold It! Wave Maker, LAL Beachy Waves Spray Gel. Also been using my diffuser more lately.
PT: Ion Reconstructor
DT: GVP Balm, Pure Elements Intense Repairing Treatment
Beautiful Rain is spot on about the CG method, a method of washing your hair with conditioner only -- no shampoo! Your hair sounds like it would benefit from some extra moisture and lots of TLC. Here's a link to help with some CG method basics:

Basically, the most important part of the CG method is avoiding silicones, ingredients that end in -cone, -conol, and -xane. These will build up on your hair and make you super greasy and frizzy because they need to be removed by sulfates.

Lots of people like clear, 'cone free gels like Herbal Essences Totally Twisted, Set Me Up, and Body Envy, the entire line of LA Looks Gels, and La Bella Lots of Curls Gel. It will take some time and lots of experimenting to find out what your hair likes/dislikes, but it's important to know your hair's properties to figure that out. Here's a link:

Normally, people with fine hair will always love protein, and people with coarse hair will like oils and butters and products that contain them -- we aren't too fond of protein.

Also, to help with your flat top and root curl, you may want to check out the techniques on the techniques sticky. It's full of lots of great methods that us curlies use to help our hair look its best. Here's a link:

Be sure to check out all the clipping links. Lots of people use them while air drying/diffusing to help with root height and volume and root curl.

Type 2c/3a with lots of hair and a super sensitive scalp! Med/slightly coarse texture, low porosity and elasticity.

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Extras: sugar scrubs, AVG washes, pre-poos with EVCO, oiling scalp before washes, plopping, gelatin PT.
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