Is this right? (This is J headband)

So I got my this is j headband & this is the first time i've tried it. I feel like it pulls my hair way back & looks funny. Do I have this on right?

It looks lovely on you!
You have it farther back than I wear a stretchy headband. Anything that wide I just wear up front with no hair showing through. Whatever works for you though is how you should wear it!
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thats how i would wear mine! (if i had one ) with head bands i usually have hair showing at the front, and also some hair coming through over the ears too so its not so dramatic with all my hair at the back. its a more natural look (on me) but i agree with medus, it does look lovely!

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I think it looks really cute on you. that's how I would wear it.
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That's exactly how I would wear it Looks great! I've heard the This is J headbands can be a bit tight, so maybe that's why it feels weird?
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Looks great that way!

Mine kinda wanna ride back some. I dunno if it was a smaller one. My head is normally small so it surprised me.

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