Joico K-Pak

How often would you say I could use the Joico K-pak? I always follow with an oil and conditioner deep treat, but my hair seems to love it. I have been having some frizz and used the K-pak today followed with moisture and my frizz is gone. Would once every 2 weeks or so be too much?
I use it on just the ends of my hair around 3 times a week so that they stay healthy and my hair doesn't get weighed down. Otherwise I use it about once a month on my whole head. I would just use it as much as you need it so sorry I can't help too much with that. My mom uses it once a week and her hair is fine and pretty straight but I can't wear my hair down right after using it because it is too flat.
For damaged hair, using a protein DT llike K-Pac is recommended once a week. If your hair isn't very damaged it could be less often. I would go with what works best for your own hair.

By the way, if there's a Sally's near you, you might try their generic version. It works nicely and is only $5.

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