New Pictures/Album

My Dad got me a camera for Christmas (<33), so I decided I'd take some shots and update my Fotki.

P/w: curls

The shots in the new album (that are curly) are all using shampoo and conditioner. The products were Aussie Gel + Water, HEHDG, and GF SCC.

I noticed my hair isn't as curly until you hit the ends, where it tends to spiral a bit. Has anyone else found this?
P/w: curls
yeah, although on my crown, i have tight S curls, but they turn into frizzy little ringlets at the ends throughout.

love your hair . the color is gawgious.
My hair curls mostly at the bottoms too, although it is getting better with my microfiber towel.

Your hair is so pretty and shiney!
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Aww. Thank so much. .

I spotted a mircofiber towel at Top Dollar. It was two bucks, but I didn't buy it. I'm thinking I may have misread the label, but next time I'm in, I'll pick it up and give it a shot.
P/w: curls
Nice to see your hair clearly!
My hair is curliest on the ends too. I do better getting the curls with a conditioner or curl cream with some weight to it and then using papertowels to scrunch out the water and take the weight off my hair.
I guess as it gets longer that paper towel trick might work less, have to wait see.

Congrats on getting a camera, that's such a fun gift!
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