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Hello Curlies
I have been working on getting down a good routine since the day Ive started Cg back in late June. I've found my Hg conditoner, and have gained healthy hair that almost always has no frizz and lots of shine despite which products I use. But there is 1 thing i have yet to master: curl even-ness. No matter what product, product application method, or drying method I use My hair is unflatteringly uneven. I will literally have a siamese coil next to pin straight clump, and it is very very frustrating. I mean i do understand that Im not going to have perfect pattern throughout my whole head, but it looks like I straightened random peices on my head than curled others.
So, my question is, what do you do to help with curl even-ness?
Tia, and merry christmas and happy holidays

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I have exactly the same problem and haven't really found a solution. I have extremely curly pieces of hair along my temple all the way down to my ears and very loose waves right above this hair. I found that my hair looks more uniform if I hide the very curly strands underneath. Sometimes I'll use a curling iron just for a few seconds or do pin curls on the very, very loose wavy strands. For me, diffusing also seems to help with this problem; It makes my curls bigger and rounder and encourages them to clump together. The more hair clumps I have, the fewer weird extremely curly pieces are visible. The only place my hair is fairly uniform is right in the back; I have chunky waves that turn into spirals about halfway down, if that makes sense.
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MIne is pretty uniform on the sides but in the back... UGH!! NOT. I also have this irritating cowlick going on and I have fine, thin hair which makes it worse! If I hand lift and place and fluff, I get it solved but after I've been outside or moving around alot, it goes right back to where it was.
Some days I don't have it - hair covers it.
My stylist keeps telling me to "embrace my curls" because it will be different each day. But I want uniform hair. I really doubt there's a curly out there that gets total uniformity unless they pick at it by hand and place and curl etc..

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