considering spiral perm for xmas, but am I naturally curly?

I apologize, I am asking what curl type I am. But I have spent a long time studying the board to avoid asking stupid questions so I hope I can be forgiven for the questions I do ask.

I think that I am a 2b, 2c might be pushing it. Could it be that I am not using the 'right" products yet? The pictures at my
Foti page (psswrd = 2b)
are the result of co-washing with Alagio Hydrating Shampoo and Loreal Kids 2-in-1 Cocoa Smoothie Shampoo (this was recommended somewhere on the internet for its detangling and curling benefits) plus honey. I scrunched with Back to Basics Sunflower Creme Mousse and Garnier Fructis Pure Fix Spray, using a heavy-fiber towel.

I was using the Alagio and Back to Basics products because they were on sale and looked like they could be helpful. But armed with xmas $$$ I am open to spending a bit more cash for the "right" products to avoid resorting to a spiral perm which might mask any natural curl already present. I long for spirals/ringlets but can be happy with clumped curls if I can achieve them.

Also, does this look like some horrific "triangle head", too "producty"?

Thank you everyone and Happy Holidays!
have you gotten the curly girl book yet.. If not that would be the first purchase I would make, then continue from there you definately look like you can get your hair spiraling with the right products and handling of your hair.. A mirco fiber towel / turban will help also one for scrunching out water and one for plopping. conditioners and gels can be purchased in a drug strong. The product ReCoil (can be purchased from curl mart) is a curl enhancing product which works wonders as well. start out simple then work from there.. your hair is very pretty by the way..
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Thank you Keewee, I will start my Curly Girl purchases today starting with Massey's book and Recoil.

Do you (or anyone else) know if I can purchase AG Recoil from Trade Secret, Regis, etc - or do I need to order it online?

If I can have spirals like yours I would be quite happy. Thank you!
good luck!! as for the recoil you may be able to purchase in a store or salon you just need to find out who carries it, otherwwise curlmart has it. and alittle goes a long way i use about a dime to a nickel size,
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Here is a thread that might help the triangle head problem. Once you really start to understand what your hair needs, it's easy to get rid of it, trust me!
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I don't think you have triangle head at all. You can get good clumping with either a good leave in conditioner or a curl cream. Recoil will probably help, my Beauty without Cruelty leave in clumps my hair well if I scrunch the product in real wet hair rather than rake. Also scrunching in product with your hair hanging upside down will help clump all the way to the roots.
I bet if you play around with conditioners and curl creams your hair will get curlier. You look like you have a nice strong pattern it's just not corkscrews. You have lovely hair, I'd work with what you have!
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If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
BTW - 10% discount at Curlmart today only. HOLIDAY06
So stock up.
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