Is this from too much aloe?

The last few days when I put my products in my hair immediately frizzes...when it's wet. I've never had wet frizz before. And the canopy of my hair feels tangled when a minute before it was fine after conditioning. When I tried to finger comb through the top it felt like straw. This only happens after I start to apply my product. And it's happened with a couple of different products. KCCC and Alba SHG were two that I had used on different days.

I started reading through the ingredients closer and I see they both have does my RO. Can too much aloe cause this kind of problem?

Once I low poo'd and put used HETT gel, I didn't have the problem but now I don't know if it's because I low poo'd or because of the HETT...which has no aloe in it.

Any one have any ideas for me?
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It definitely could be from the aloe. Aloe give me producty frizz.
Producty Frizz--Where there is fake shine and frizz, there's producty frizz, a type of frizz that looks like a layer of product is on the hair but not acting to prevent the frizz. Often, this makes the frizz more apparent, even when it's less intense than with other products. Castor oil and heavy use of silicones are common causes of this type of frizz.
link the quote comes from.

Aloe give my hair fake shine, gives me the "I rubbed my hair with a balloon" look, makes my hair look wet when dry, heavy, oily without actually being greasy.

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