is AG Re"coil right for everyone?

I am toying with purchasing a tube and am worried about its efficacy because I am applying the Naturally Curly advice for the first time (plus the $$ per tube). I was reading some lukewarm reviews from fine-haired curly girls on and am worried my texture may be fine as well - but I would appreciate a second opinion on this:
psswrd = 2b

I am still trying to correctly classify my waves (curls?). I am thinking maybe 2b or 2c with the potential of 3a if I follow the great advice here and in Massey's CG book.
I would say that you are a strong 2c with definite 3a potential.
About re:coil, the magority of people who try it like it so I think that its worth a try. You could see if anyone is offering samples of them on the swapp boards too if you dont want to buy the full tube.

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Honestly, there is not a single product out there that is right for everyone. re:coil is very popular, and works for a lot of different hair types and textures. Based on that, I think it is worth a try, but there is no guarantee that it will work for you. I have very fine hair, and I absolutely adore recoil. It's the only product that I use every single day, regardless of what other gel, conditioner, etc I use. If it doesn't work for you, you can always sell it or swap it on the Swap forum. It's a popular product, so you should be able to get rid of it fairly easily.

As for your hair type, you look like a wavy/curly mix. It definitely looks like you have some ringlets trying to come out there. With better care, I think you might see some more curls forming.
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Recoil didn't work for me for the longest time...Then I decided to try it the past couple months and voila!!! It works. I don't get it.
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Recoil didn't work for me for the longest time...Then I decided to try it the past couple months and voila!!! It works. I don't get it.
Originally Posted by gryantmarch2step
The same thing with me, too! Recoil did not work for me and I actually swapped it away. I kept reading great reviews and decided to try it again, and it worked wonderfully! I'm so pleased with the results, my hair is very fine as well. I think it's definitely worth trying, the first time I used it I think I was applying too much of the Recoil in my hair.
I have fine 3a hair and Re:coil is one of my favorite cream stylers. I had trouble getting it to work until I tried combing it through, then re-scrunching. That seemed to distribute it evenly, which is not easy since it's thick and you don't use much.
I have 2b to 3a hair. I have been using Re:coil everyday since I got it almost 2 weeks agao. I absolutely love it.

I followed Bailey's and Ab-star's methods of using in soaking wet hair. (Many thanks to both of them) Just one or two pea size amounts and it worked first time and every time since.

I now have bouncy spirals. I top with joiwhip for hold. My favorite!
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I tried Re:coil every which way and it did nothing for my hair. I swapped mine away and moved on.
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Thank you for sharing everyone. I am looking forward to trying this stuff with Herbal Essences Set Me Up. I used that stuff today with just a honey rinse and some moisturizing mousse and was quite impressed...

Everyone on this board is really great. You have all helped me rediscover my curls!
Hi there, I had to chime in, too, since I have wavy hair. I've been trying to get Re:coil to work for me for months now and just recently got it to work for me. So far, I use it one of two ways:

* Dime size dollop of Re:coil underneath a nickel to quarter size dollop of Jessicurl Confident Coils Styling Solution on soaking wet hair.

* Dime size dollop of Re:coil underneath a healthy dose of JoiWhip on soaking wet hair. (Thanks Bailey!)

With both these particular combos, I scrunch with a microfiber towel, diffuse for a few minutes, then air dry.

Welcome to, too!
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