What should CG'ers buy from curlmart?

I was looking in curlmart for some yummy CG products to buy. What are you liking?

Must be CG....

I was looking at Curl Junkie, what's good? (3B/C)
3B~Botticelli/3C~ Corkicelli~Blonde
Faves: B&A Gel, BRHG, ReCoil, KC Knot Today, Curl Junkie CCCC

PW: dmbcurls
I like the CJ deep fix moisturizing conditioner -- it's versatile, you can use it as a rinse out or a dt. It's nice and thick and smells good and performs well.
Cowash - No Poo
Conditioner - One Condition
Gel - Light Defining Gel

Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.
Intense protection leave-in (thick) awesome I can even use this alone with decent results

I love:
My HoneyChild HoneyNutt condish (has awesome slip) and
CJ Daily Conditioner.
Both work great and are very moisturizing!
3B, with oodles and oodles of curly hair!
Summer Faves: Devacare NoPoo & OneC, CF High Humidity Gel.
2nd day hair: Deva Set Me Up pomade & Mr. Right
DT: Devacurl Heaven in Hair
Been CG since 2005 and never looked back!
curl junkie, I like the leave in banana one (fine hair)
the coffee curl creme
the hair oil ( put some in before bed )
and the liquid pomade (all smell sooo good)
I also have the deep fix but I haven't tried it yet...
3A some 3b Total Product Junkie

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