advice for my long scraggly bangs please <3

the micro braid as mentioned on your thread. is it just a plain hanging braid or one of those pretty braids kind of attached to the head like this
While my hair was wet, I just took a scant amount of hair from beside my part, pulled it straight upward for the first full pass, then pulled it in the general direction I wanted it to lay (back and to the side), and braided. I left the micro-braid back and to the side as my hair was drying, and it would not only stay that way but somehow seemed to help hold the rest of the hair on that side off to the side enough to keep it out of my eyes and mouth.

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aww thanks ladies!
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Did anyone ever start a group for in-between bangs? because I would definitely join it!
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I have two suggestions

First suggestion is like the microbraid idea but instead of a braid you do a twist.

Second is finger twirling. I had side sweep bangs starting at my eyebrow corner. I would finger pull them straight or use my flat iron on them. EEEKKK. I started growing them out and they were a MESS from pulling them straight/wavy. They wouldnt do anything. I started finger twirling them to train them. When I would apply my product I would twirl them into clumped curls. Since my bangs had no curl pattern I had to make my own. I would diffuse my bangs so they would set. Eventually with patience my bangs ended up finally getting a curl pattern I liked.

Hope that helps.
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Oh i like that twirling idea! Thank u! Its been a while, my bangs are growing but are still scraggly and the pattern doesnt match the rest of my hair. Lol
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