Salon Deep Conditioning Treatments

Do salon deep conditioning treatments work? My hair seems to be in bad condition on the top, although my cut is recent. (I have a halo of frizzies).
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
You can do a deep treatment at home and save time and money!

First, do you think you need a DT because your hair is damaged, or because it's just very dry? For damaged hair a protein treatment would be best. If there's a Sally's near you, I'd suggest their Generic version of Joico K-Pak Reconstructor. It's a great product and only $5. If you use shampoo, do that before. Then work the reconstructor into your wet hair and wrap it in a plastic shower cap (WalMart sells disposable ones for cheap) or even plastic wrap. Then ideally, you would use some kind of heat. You could warm a damp towel in the microwave (carefully, they can singe) and wrap that around your head for about 30 minutes. You can also use a hair dryer aimed at your hair, or a hood dryer if you have one. Then rinse the DT out and -- important -- follow with a moisturizing conditioner. This is essential after a protein treatment and prevents the excess protein from making your hair feel rough.

If your hair is just dry, you could follow the above routine, minus the extra conditioner at the end, with any good thick moisturizing conditioner. Or, some people like to make homemade treatments by blending ingredients like bananas, avocados, coconut oil, and so on.
My colorist allows you to take in your own conditioner, and she'll make the shampoo girl do the rest, for free. If, however, you feel like splurging, I got an Alterna caviar dt for free for being a good customer, and, well, wow! My hair looked phenomenal. The price it would have cost me was way out of my league, but if you have the money and dry enough hair, I can see doing it. I, recently, though, used my CJ dt with the proper amount of conditioner (went overboard the first time), and, well, wow, so you can achieve the same results at home.
Thank you so much for your replies. I do not know if my hair is damaged or dry. I'm thinking it is just dry, although there could be some damage present. I flat ironed for 1 1/2 weeks - not to be pin straight but to loosen my curls and make them more wavy. I think I'm a 3B buy my top layer is quite a bit curlier than the bottom layer. My problem, too, could be that I just have a terrible cut. I'm 36 and have only been wearing my hair curly for the past 3 years. When I started to let my hair grow, it was VERY SHORT. I almost had it completely grown out to just a touch past my shoulders but the look wasn't working for me. My face is small and my hair was always in it and it just looked terrible. So I went for layers but that really didn't help my problem. Now I just have the same cut but shorter on top (again!) and the curl on top really came to life. That curl has a bunch of little frizzies in it. I really want to wear my hair curly and am not ready to give up but it's hard! I want to feel pretty at the same time and I just feel "blah". Does this make any sense at all? I also just ordered Jessicurl - Too Shea, a shampoo, and their gel. I haven't received it yet but am hoping that the products work for me. I understand they are cone-free? Sorry for rambling. I read this site all the time but just started posting. I will get better.
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
Jessicurl products are all cone free. Too Shea actually can be used as a deep treatment -- I prefer it to Jessicurl's regular WDT, which tends to overcondition my hair. They are excellent products for dry hair.

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