Any of these ulta brands have any big hits for curlies?

Charles worthington, Marc Anthony, LaCoupe, Curl Friends, MOP... Thanks!
The LaCoupe smoothing conditioner has gotten good reviews-please see the Conditioner Chronicles sticky thread.

I haven't tried any of the other products mentioned-I"m sorry!

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I love the LaCoupe Shine & Smooth conditioner. The CurlFriends gel is pretty good too, especially in humidity. Haven't tried anything else from your list.
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I hear the MOP greens conditioner is good but I've not heard anything good about their other products so far.
LaCoupe is the only thing that I've used out of your list and I like the smoothing conditioner.
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I've tried Curl Friends and MOP, and I'm not sure what's in either that my hair doesn't like, but whatever it is, it really doesn't like it. I had moderate success, at first, with MOP, but after a few shampoos, it all went downhill. I had zero success with the Curl Friends.
The MOP C-System curl cream is pretty nice, if pricey.
I used to love the MOP Mixed Greens Condish, but stopped using it due to price.
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I've used the MOP C system shampoo, conditioner and curl cream - didn't like them at all, esp. the cream which I actually threw out. I found the scent really nauseating. Am now trying the Mixed Greens conditioner but am not enamoured of that either. It's very thick and easy to use too much (made my hair extremely frizzy). Less is more with this. It feels really nice in my hair but when I rinse it out my hair feels not at all moisturised, smooth or anything nice at all. I'll use it up but won't repurchase and wouldn't recommend it.

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