Hi ladies. I'm new here and have a bit of a dilemma. I live in New York City. I usually go to Carlos at Devachan. I love the salon, I love their products, their philosphy, everything. HOWEVER I went there only about a month ago and now I've straightened my hair and have tons of split ends ( they cut it curly so they tend NOT to get off all the dead ends) and it just doesnt look good straight- a complaint I often here from other devahcan customers. SO i was thinking of going back , seeing someone else and explaing how important it is that I hav a cut that will look good straight as well as curly and to stress that they get off all the dead ends. OR trying out Christo Fifth Avenue/Curlisto ( if I do this I will have a HUGE dent in my wallet, this is not something I can really afford right now but will more than happily do it if it's going to be the best solution). I heard they're amazing and that their products are good ( even though I am pretty hooked on devachan. SO basically I would like to know what you think I should do?... try out Devachan again....or give Christo's a try?

I would really really appreciate any opinions.

Thanks so much!

I would say that you have to follow your heart. If you want to give your regular salon a second chance, then go for it. Everyone makes a mistake or two. If it's something continuous, you have no choice but to change, but if you tell them precisely what you're looking for, you just might get what you want, next time.

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