want to cut my hair- need your opinions.

okay, so i have super curly hair and it has really been getting on my last nerve lately, so i am thinking about cutting it. i want to go for an extremely short look but I'm not sure if my hair will just frizz and turn into a fro or if it will actually come out good. first four are pics of me so you guys can get a jist of what my hair looks like and all that fun stuff... and the bottom pics are some hairstyles i might be interested in.
give me your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, anything!

(on the left)

Wow you might want to just chop off about half before going all the way down just to see if you would be willing to deal with short short hair.

My regular style is a bald head but even that takes getting used to.

Short hair is easier and faster to maintain but the down side is there are more awkward phases....well at least for guys.

If you have any consideration for growing your hair back then don't cut it. Go to a new stylist and see if he can make your hair look shorter without chopping it off.

Also, try a short short wig for a week. That will let you know if you want to commit to short hair or not.

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You would definitely have to use flat irons on a regular basis to keep those short looks if your hair is naturally curly.

Princeton Brooke
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Lovely curls.
I ain't thirsty. There's plenty of fish in the sea, but I don't want all of them, can I have some standards? Or do we just have to settle, for someone's who meh and will do.
You're adorable with gorgeous curls! I think a pixie cut would look fab on you but before you rush to chop it all off, I would discuss everything with your stylist first. I've had pixie cuts in the past (before realizing I had very wavy hair) and I loved them because they are low-maintance and a lot of fun but be warned....the growing out stage is one of the most annoying things ever!! I'm not trying to tell you not to do it, just keep it in the back ofyour head that short hair is a committment and it can take a few years to grow it out again.

Aside from talking to your stylist, I would also do a little more research. See if you can find some pics of curly-haired pixie cuts. Maybe also see if you can talk to anyone (like here on the boards) who has a curly pixie. Good luck and post some pics if you decide to do it!!!1
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After over 10 years pixie short, I'm 4 months in on regrowing it. You may find that your hair is not as curly when short. Mine is not. It's getting curlier as it grows. I simply need some length for my spirals to turn. When short they just made my hair stick up in different directions. For me a short cut makes it necessary to use a flat or curling iron. There was no wash and go unless it was uber short and then only b/c it was too short to even style (bad haircut experience!). It is a big change, and not reversible, but I can't say I hated it. I chopped it off because I had never heard of CG and had never worn my hair down. My half pony and bangs was looking very 80's!
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Also, try a short short wig for a week. That will let you know if you want to commit to short hair or not.
Originally Posted by PRINCETON
I really like this suggestion. At least you could get an idea of what it would look and feel like to have your hair cut that short.
if you cut it super short, your hair will be wavy with a little curl most likely. if you go for as long as that first cut, it will turn out curlier. my hair is very similar to yours and I got it cut super short. if I kept it gelled and didn't scrunch it or anything it would turn out wavy but if I didn't use much gel or I scrunched like I normally would, it would turn curly (which sometimes looked cute and sometimes not)

after a few weeks my hair grew out to a white girl fro, which I love and think is fun, but not everybody wants that look if they want a pixie.

I'm debating right now whether I should chop it off again or not. it's fun both ways I think.
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