Has anyone with loose curls ever gotten a perm?

I feel like my curls are messy and not uniform. They don't clump. It's more like a wave that I can coax into some loose S shapes. Would a certain type of perm give me more 3A 3B curls? Thanks!
I thought about doing this but decided against it. I just looked in the mirror and realized that with my features, I look better with loose curls than I think I would with tighter spirals. Plus, I was worried it would go wrong and I would regret it. I'm interested to see if anyone else has done this, though.
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Yes, I have many times. I was born with thick, coarse-textured wavy hair, so I don't think the perms changed the texture. However, I think they didn't make my hair any healthier. Earlier this fall I was repeatedly denied a perm because my hair couldn't pass the floating/sinking hair (in a cup of water) test.

I almost gave in and tried to get a perm again this xmas, but then I studied the board and applied some of the advice - and it worked! I realize that results may vary depending on your natural hair type, but after washing my hair and using a honey rinse followed by mousse and Set Me Up/Herbal Essences scrunching with a thick towel, I have been able to get some nice curls. Garnier's Pure Fixx Spray helps too. I also have an order of AG's Re:coil on its way.

I may not get the spirals/clumps I long for, but at least I will have healthier hair and more $$ in my wallet.

Give it a try and good luck!

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well in my own experience I have let my hair grow out and the longer it has grown the more spiral I have achieved, so before u decide to perm it let it grow!!! I have been growing my hair out for 4 years with trims and all but I started the CG last October and have had only 2 devachan haircuts since .. so I say let it grow..................you will see a change
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Fluffy01, it sounds like you and I are sort of in the same boat. I have very wavy hair that can be very frizzy and unruly naturally. My hair is long (just below shoulders) and fairly thick. A few years ago, I wanted to get more curl in my hair and less frizz, so I decided to spiral perm my hair. I was very nervous about getting a perm, because I was afraid that a perm would not hold with my thick hair. However, it turned out better than I expected. My friends told me that I had one of the nicest perms they had ever seen. I have been perming my hair for several years now about once every 8-12 months, and I have never had any problems at all. If I were you I would do my research, and find a stylist you trust who specializes in perms. Don't be afraid to spend extra money to go to a good stylist! I have plenty of friends who have had horror story perms and that is the last thing you want. Good luck to you whatever you decide to do! Happy New Year!
Yes, I've done home perms. Revlon perms seem to work the best for me, but in retrospect I'd use bigger rods. Geez, my last perm was sooo tight! I guess my hair is porous. I have found that while I used to wish for tighter curls, I now realize my natural texture looks better on me. Uh, so God really did know what he was doing.
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