Curly VOLIMIZED hair!?

I don't know if this is like a question & answer thing lol, but I was just wandering how I get my curly hair volumized with or without a volumizing mousse? Please help me!
I find volume can be easier to achieve with 2nd day hair. If you pineapple your hair when you are sleeping, it may help.

I also find it is the products I use. I LOVE Spiral Solutions. Once my hair is 100% dry, I get great volume with these products. I use the DT as a LI, followed by CEJ & then scrunch in FHG.

And my final thoughts - if I don't diffuse my hair, I don't achieve the volume Iike. I clip my hair before diffusing. I diffuse upside down for a minute or 2 & then diffuse until my curls are formed but my hair is not completely dry.
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I try to maximize volume (cause I have thinning hair due to a medical condition and being post-menopausal don't help). This means I stopped using the SuperSoaker method (a lot of big clumping means lower volume due to my non-dense hair).

Volume for my hair means getting AIR IN THERE and using products and cleansers that moisturize my dry hair without weighing it down unduly. This means I do not cowash. I mostly lowpoo, occasionally outright poo. This adds volume for the expense of a bit of moisture....

I have to second the comment about Spiral Solutions. Works great for me, the CEJ with a bit of FHG or in combo with some Curl junkie products.

Here is my fourth day hair on Wednesday (pics taken at my Pilates studio during/after my workout). On first day, I cleansed and rinsed out conditioned with Curl junkie. I used CJ BCLU and SS CEJ and a smidgen of SS FHG (if I use al ot of gel on the first day, I can't get many days of good hair. Less stuff day one, the better I do with volume, too.)

Get air in there--use diffusion, go upside down, stick your hand and lift roots while diffusing, keep air going in. This makes the clumps of curls get more volume. If you air dry, prolly less volume is my experience.

Pineappling definitely helps keep volume (especially root lift) during sleep. I pineapple when I do lying down/upside down Pilates moves, and my hair looks good after a workout (see pics).

I had fifth day hair that looked fine Thursday. Will wash Friday.

As you can see, despite it being 4th day hair, the CEJ and Smoothing lotion kept the clumps, and the pineappling at night kept things from getting too flat all over. I diffuse upside down and tilted left and right and use my hands to lift hair to get air into the roots....and I shake out hair to release bigger clumps to get volume. I sometimes just break clumps apart and shake my head....
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Curly  VOLIMIZED hair!?-mircurls-4th-day-hair-after-pilates-cj-smoothing-cej-5-4-11.jpg   Curly  VOLIMIZED hair!?-mircurls-4th-day-hair-cj-sscej-plank-pilates-5-4-2011.jpg  
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I agree with all of the advice you received from FBG and MirCurls. I have the same hair thinning issues that Mir does. Unlike the two of them, I never try for 2nd day hair. Some of it has to do with length, my hair isn't long enough to pineapple. When I put more product on dry hair, it just seems to cause frizz.

For me, the "trick" to volume is diffusing upside down until the curls set. If you have a "good" dryer, it doesn't take all that long (especially when you don't have a lot of hair.) The expensive dryers don't blow your hair around. I find that reduces the frizz production.
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