Is the CG routine available on this website

Hello everyone,

I am still adjusting myself to this forum/website and I am reading about people doing the CG routine but they do not go in depth. Is the complete CG routine available on this website or do I need to purchase the book to find the complete CG routine.

Thanks for responding!!
At the top of each of the forums are stickies that have important information. The "Trying shampoo free method" has this:

The first CG book wasn't really all that helpful, the second is better--but it's the DVD that comes along with it that I found useful. Learned a lot more about "handling" my hair. I could never use all the product that the models put in their hair.

Another helpful site is: Live Curly Live Free - Home It belongs to Struttswife (a curly stylist and poster on aka Tiffany Anderson.) Her ebook is a great investment for a newby (more useful information than the CG books.) It's all things you can learn on, but it's in one place.
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Thanks for responding. Well, I guess I am going to search for the books and dvd and see where it goes from there

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