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FrizzyWhinney 05-06-2011 01:48 PM

Hair Cut & Care Info [Pictures included]
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Okay you guys, I have been impatiently transitioning since only February. Here are some picture of my hair before Wednesday night. I was doing a co-wash or water spritz and go and I just got so tired of the damage and dryness from color and being post texturizer!
Let me finish! Okay I want information on a good leave in with excellent moisture. I plan to go to target today, is KCKT any good? If there are any cheaper brands with better results, what are they?

How is Garnier Fructis leave in? any other ones that get no publicity any good? Pantene? Tresemme? etc.

I'm thinking Organic Olive Oil moisturizer may be my best bet, since my hair loves olive oils, Do I seal with natural oil after my moisturizer? CAN YA HELP ME OUT!? lol

MY CUT is below.

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