hey guys!
ok im new which is why im posting here and ive got a whole bunchload of questions...
but first......
i have coarse i think 3b hair, high porosity im assuming from the glass test thing, and i have A LOT of hair so i guess its dense? im not sure about that i havent looked into denseness. my hair length wen its dry will stop in the middle of my shoulder blades like at the pointy part... wen its wet its a little longer. i still have a straight perm in my hair but thats more like the bottom half of my hair, so wen my hair is wet the top part doesnt clump at all but the permed part does.... i tend not to use any styling products i just cowash with suave coconut and do a rinse out and leave in with tresseme naturals moisture (w/o cones! ) then put it in a poney tail or a braid wen its still wet. MY HAIR IS FREAKISHLY DRY. just thought i'd bring that up. and since its course im assuming protein is a no no.

1) can u use any honey for FSG? or is there like a specific type of honey? im not sure if honey is in the original recipe for FSG but i was lookin at a bunch of posts and some people put honey in their FSG so i wuz just wondering...
2)if u are strictly CG, do u use deep treatments with cones in them? im in the process of being CG this is my third week, and i guess its going good i think i see a lot more shine
3) do u have to BC before u start CG? i didnt and im kinda scared to i think i'd just chop off the permed part once my hair grows out more.
4) does anyone know where to get unrefined coconut oil in the atlanta, ga area?
5) if i go up and down a strand of hair and its a knobbly feeling what does that mean?
ok maybe its not a bunchload, its only 5 but they are kinda detailed lol.
replies are much appreciated!!
3B,thick,medium/coarse,high porosity(i think),low elasticity
CG since: 4/17/11
cowash: tresseme naturals moisture or smooth
rinse out: GFTN
leave in: a little bit of my rinse out
Stylers (gels): (if I feel like it) LALSG or Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel
*Currently need: a good deep conditioning treament for my DRYDRYDRY hair- if you can suggest any good (cheapie) DTs, I would really appreciate it!