Side-swept bangs?

I'm growing out my hair from a shorter cut and right now it looks very blah (it is a bit past my shoulders). It looks pretty much all one length.

I'm thinking of getting some layers put in and maybe some long, side-swept bangs. I figure that way if I don't like the bangs, it won't take that long to grow them out and I can hide them in with the rest of my hair.

My hair has really changed in the last few years, from 3a almost 3b to very limp waves and I don't know what to do with it anymore

Any wavies with long bangs? Would you recommend them or not?

I had them and I loved them, but I don't do very well with maintaining bangs. I'm not always in the mood to blow them out and sweep them to the side, so I eventually give up and let them go into the rest of my hair. Until I decide I want bangs again, and cut them again.

But you're right, if they're long, they're easy to flow with the rest of your hair if you decide you don't want them.
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Side swept bangs are good, bad and good.

The good-

I found they really worked well with wavy/curly hair. Obviously you can blow them out, but they also work well with some texture. I found that when I wore them curly they blended in with the rest of my hair and just made it look like I had a bit more oomph on top.

The bad-

They're still bangs. If you blow them out on a humid day, they're going to get all twerpy the minute you walk outside.

The good-

They're super easy to grow out. I've grown out regular blunt cut bangs and side swept bangs. Side swept bangs are a million times easier. There's really no awkward in between phase.
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I love mine and I only straighten them if I straighten the rest of my hair. They spiral sometimes and look really cute when I pull my hair into a ponytail and leave my bangs loose. Mine go to my chin when pulled straight and I don't think I would want them cut any shorter.

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