Just throwing it out there. I know I cursed Devacurl and sworn it off for good but when my hairdresser uses it on me, it turns out way better. so, im avoiding arc angel completely because its very drying but he recomended i try B'leavin as a gel. It is surprisingly more moisturizing and i like it, gives me good hold all day.

I still wake up with dry matted hair in the morning so im not gonna claim devacurl as a long term product for now. im still playing around with techniques and amounts. my scalp gets itchy but i think your not supposed to put products on your scalp so im thinking that could be the cause. im going to try other stuff too and see what makes my hair soft and clumpy the next morning. the state of my hair in the morning indicates how well a product works for me. im more open to experiment so we will see.

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