I hennaed my hair!

Pictures in my fotki!
Love the color. What was your final recipe? If I go for it one day, I'd be really happy with that color (assuming it would suit me). It looks very natural too.
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I got my henna from mehandi.com, and I used 100 grams of Celebration henna, roughly 150 grams of Cassia, and roughly 50 grams of Yemen Light henna. My liquid was tea [I don't think the type matters, it was more for smell], I put the tea in the henna while it was warm, then I covered it with saran wrap and allowed it to dye release for 5 hours. I tried to get it to a nice, pasty consistency. I applied it [all of it. My hair is super thick,]then covered it with a few shower caps for good measure. I put a toboggin over the shower caps and then washed it all out 3 hours later! =]
Color looks really pretty on you! I bet it makes your eyes pop
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It looks stunning! Such a gorgeous naturally looking colour! Yay! Im impressed you applied it yourself - I could never manage it - it makes such a mess doesn't it lol

What did your dad say?
Ok, yep, I'm going back to cutting the henna with cassia. I miss having that gorgeous color!

I redid my roots this weekend and was trying to get it a little lighter than it has been lately. 1 hour dye release at room temp, and then 25-30 minutes on my head and the henna alone is still way darker/brighter than I want.

LOOOOOOOOOOVE your color It looks fabulous on you!
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Thanks everyone! =D
And Kat, I actually had some help from my best friend [she's a really good friend, haha.]. I don't think I could have done it without some help. xD

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