I've pulled out all my winter fails now that the weather is getting warmer and have been having really good luck with some of them...especially KCCC.

Today I tried the CCCC again and at first it was looking pretty good. Then the more it dried, I realized it wasn't getting enough hold, so at about 50% dry (I diffuse) I scrunched in CIAB, which is my "go to" product when something isn't working.

Well, it was a little crunchy by mid morning because I didn't dry it completely...I scrunched it a little bit and now it's all white flaky. Nasty. It's pretty obvious too. Anyone else ever get the white flaky's from this combo? Did I do something wrong?

I did use my curling iron on a couple of chunks that were misbehaving and they're really, really white and flaky. It sucks because today my curls are probably the best they've ever been!!!!
3a/b, fine hair (just lots of it!), average porosity, high elasticity, fragile curls

No Poo and loving it! Gave up my hair dryer and never looked back!

Favorite Condishs: Suave Naturals (cowash) or TRESemme Naturals
Leave-In: CJ Curl Assurance Leave-in or KCKT
Curl Creme: AG re:coil or SS Hair Butter
Gel: HETT, GF Gel

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