there's something wrong with my hair....

Amiodimethicone is not a slightly soluble cone. That's really not a category of silicones. It is soluble in the right solvents. A'cone is soluble in low-poos. It is not soluble in water. So no amount of water will dissolve it, but low-poos will.

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I can't keep track of the 'cones so I just avoid them altogether. Too many different ones, too many products changing, etc. I just look at the label when I buy something new.

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I agree with Kathymack about the mineral oil. It also takes me several washes to get it completely out of my hair. For me, it's much worse than any kind of silicone in terms of removal. I also am one who needs to clarify occasionally with a sulfate shampoo. I actually find that a sulfate shampoo can really put the spring back in my waves,

And like everyone has been saying, don't give up! It just takes time to figure out a routine and products that work for you!
Originally Posted by Trixie
I also agree with both these curlies (:

I think you should sulfate poo, to have a clean slate and make sure you have gotten everything out, as well as peace of mind. Suave naturals are pretty cheap and good for any future mishaps.

I also think you should look into lowpoos to use regularly, many curlies here start off strictly cg and add a lowpoo. Over time some of us just get build up/film from even cg products, as kathymac stated. It makes it more difficult for hair to absorb products as well as when you first started, from your initial 'clean slate'.

I know after i lowpoo my hair feels drier in the shower, but it better absorbs conditioner right when i apply it, and stays this way for a week or two, before i need to lowpoo again. Which imo is better in the long run.

Since you already use gvp balm from sally's i would like to reccommend to you ion effective care from there. Some people say its more of a DT than a PT but all the same it has protein in it. At first i used it for 3-5 days straight, and it really helped my hair's strength/elasticity, along with root curl. It also didnt make it dry and brittle like a hardcore protein treatments (all at once). This way you can sort of gauge how much more protein you need, and just keep using it as your hair needs, and stop/slow if it starts to feel too rough/dry.

Also if you do decide to lowpoo but arent comfortable with the idea of the dryness/frizz or if you ever use too much protein, i reccommend spritz and condish method. I think it really helps moisture and moisture retention.

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Amiodimethicone is not a slightly soluble cone. That's really not a category of silicones. It is soluble in the right solvents. A'cone is soluble in low-poos. It is not soluble in water. So no amount of water will dissolve it, but low-poos will.
Originally Posted by Morgan_Adcock
I was clarifying because a lot of non water soluble cone vs. water soluble cone lists, has it listed as "slightly soluble". It is water soluble in the bottle, when mixed with certain other ingredients, but not after being applied to hair. After which you do need SLS, ALS, cocamidopropyl betaine, or coco betaine to remove it. Some low poo's contain even milder ingredients which won't remove it.
But I do agree that a cone is either water soluble or not, when speaking of whether or not water will remove it from hair (like we care if it disperses in water in the bottle or not.. we just want to know how it effects our hair!).
Thanks girls for all your great answers. I still have no idea what's wrong with my hair. I'm really ashamed to admit this but I honestly thought that using cones/sulfates again would make my hair look better. Um, NOT. I tried that today (I used sulfate shampoo and Tigi Catwalk Curlesque) and I had the worst hair day EVER. I guess I'm going back to CG. I just don't know what to do. I guess I'll do a good sulfate wash to get all this crap out and then start using CG products again. Could I be sensitive to aloe?
missy, do you know your hair's properties? Texture, porosity, and elasticity? I haven't seen any mention of that on the thread yet. If not, that's the best place to start. With all the different products you've been trying, you could be using all the wrong things on your hair without even knowing it.

Texture is important because it'll tell you if your hair needs moisture, protein, or both. Porosity tells you if your hair strand loses moisture too easily (or has a hard time taking it in). Read this page, and see if you can identify your texture and porosity:

Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

If you have a hard time determining your properties, as I did, I highly recommend the hair analysis service. For $12.95, you can send in samples of your hair and they'll tell you your properties:

Live Curly Live Free - Hair Analysis

If you'd also like product recommendations, so you have a place to start with what to use on your hair, you could go to LCLF's sister site instead and get the premium profile for $19.95, which includes the hair analysis AND product recommendations:

Curl Wizard - CurlGenie Profiles

I can't even begin to tell you how much having this done reduced my frustration and finally put me on the road to having healthy, pretty curls. The analysis and recommendations were spot on, and my hair is finally starting to look and feel as it should.

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