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Hey everyone i use to relax my hair all elementary n highschool years. In college i cut it all off and my hair has been growing natural since. But up until now i havent treated my curls well. I usually get roller sets to straighten my hair evert 2 weeks. Ive been doing research on better products for curly hair but idk my hair type at all and dont know what my hair needs!! Im so confused by everything i read and all the products lol! Right now i used the kinky curly line. I love wen my hairs curly but its sooo thick and soo dry and weird idk how to work it at all! And wen it dries up it feels like hay smh. Please help ; ( the pics following are pics of my hair right

Help ; (
Maybe you need to use something else that will add moisture to your hair. Try using other products & see if your hair looks better . I'm not an expert at this either,but my hair is kind of dry too.

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Wen products have silicones in them. Silicones seal moisture out of your hair, making it dry, even while making it artificially shiny. I suggest getting rid of the silicone by doing a clarifying wash with a silicone free, sulfate shampoo. VO5 Herbal Essences shampoos or Suave Naturals shampoos are cheap and fit the bill. You would only be using this once (except for accidental re-exposure to silicones), so don't spend a lot on it.

Then start following the Curly Girl method. From then on, wash your hair with a sulfate free (and silicone free) cleanser. You can wash your hair very effectively and gently with a silicone free conditioner, such as one of the VO5 Herbal Essences or Suave Naturals conditioners. This is often referred to as no-pooing or co-washing (for conditioner washing). After rinsing this out completely, apply a very generous amount of a richer conditioner to your hair, finger comb out any tangles while the conditioner is on your hair, then throw water over your hair twice to rinse (and, yes, I know that doesn't seem like much of a rinse, but it works). Use your KCCC as your styling product, and squish it in well. Some people put clips in at the roots to lift their hair, but yours appears to have good lift as it is. You can air dry, or use a diffused blow dryer or sit under a hard hat dryer until your hair feels almost dry. When your hair is completely dry, scrunch out the crunch.

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Your hair has the potential to be beautiful, once you get the moisture in!

Morgan gave you good advice to start off the right way. The next thing you need to do is determine your hair properties. Here's a thread to help: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...e-madness.html Once you know your properties, look for folks with hair like your to see what they use (in signature) and what they do.
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