Curly hair in the rain?

I'm going to an event this Thursday thru Saturday, and the forcast is for rain.. Well.. the forcast says there is a 30% chance of rain, which isn't very high.. But my fear is that no matter what the forcast says, it ALWAYS rains during this event. And it. Rains. HARD. Last year, during this event, I was straightening my hair. The frizz was pretty awful. But now that I have curly hair, and I'm CG, I have no idea how to fight off the frizz.
Should I use more conditionar? More gel? Less gel? Honey? EVOO? I'm totally lost. :/ Please help.

The full forcast is for isolated thunder storms, each of the three days, and a high of 86 for both Thursday and Friday, moving up to 91 on Saturday. 69% - 73% humidity, and dew points of 76 - 79.

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Have you ever tried sealing your hair with a little oil? If it is going to be really humid or wet, I put a little EVOO or avocado oil in my hair after my leave-in then put in the styling products. A hard hold gel is helpful as well. If you think you might do the oil, experiment with it first because if you use too much you can look a bit greasy. I use about a dime size amount for just below chin length hair but my hair is very porous.
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Go light on humectants, and use gel. Styling with twists in the direction of curl will help protect your curl while you're outdoors. Then you can release them later, if you want to.

Now that your hair is in much better condition, you should find that you don't have as much frizz.

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More gel, less humectants. Avoid honey and glycerin the best that you can, since they'll suck up more moisture from the air and lead to a lot of frizz! The best thing you could probably do is moisturize your hair a lot before you go, and then use gel with pretty strong hold.
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Thank you guys so much! This really helps.

But I do have somewhat of a stupid question... What are humectants?
Thank you guys so much! This really helps.

But I do have somewhat of a stupid question... What are humectants?
Originally Posted by blackcat10071
Heres a great article that might help you:

You'll have to copy and paste that link in your browser - for some reason it doesn't work when clicked. Weird.
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