Cut or not to cut my hair?

Cutting my hair pretty short this up coming week! I've been struggling with getting my hair healthy for the last year. I'm still struggling with very dry hair, random straight spots, curls won't stay and my hair never curls all the way to the root. At this point in time I feel as though it would be better just to cut my hair and just take some of all your advice. And right now I'm on a student budget so I dont have money to keep buying and trying things. What do you all think I should do?
A cut is definitely a good idea! You don't need to go super short, just get a couple inches off and some layers! It should help you out a lot. Then you'll be able to see how products react with your normal hair, not damaged hair. It'll make a big difference.
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I say be daring and cut off however much you want!! I've always been a fan of short hairstyles. Just make sure you and your stylist are in sync with what you want. Post pics when you're done!!!
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