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Oh, tell me about it! I am always talking to my family about how pretty so-and-so was with her gorgeous curls -- I'm surprised they aren't too sick of it yet! I'm lucky there are people in my family who love curls, too, ha ha! I do notice wavy hair a lot, but I just flat out notice anyone with gorgeous curls. There was this woman in the hair care aisle in Target with the most beautiful 3a spirals I have ever seen -- but I didn't ask her where she got her hair cut or what she used to style her hair or compliment her. I never do, and I don't know why. Darn my "shyness"! I also notice people with...not-so-gorgeous curly hair and just wish I could get my hands on some good condish and gel, or at least tell them about the CG method! We should all start carrying around business cards in our wallets!
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I definitely notice people's hair more now. I notice people with great curls, people with not so great curls, and people who I can tell have flat-ironed their hair half to death. I do try to compliment nice curls when I see them, if it doesn't feel forced to do so. I feel good when I get a compliment on my hair, so I like to spread the love.

I'm a middle school teacher, so I spend most of my day looking at teenage hair. I see so many girls at my school with the damaged, dry frizz I used to have, and I just itch to get my hands on their heads and tell them how to care for their hair.

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I notice people's hair, whether curly or straight. But curls really attract me more, because I don't have beautiful curls like they do. D:
If I see someone with beautiful hair, I will compliment them. But I never asked what products they use. I will now. C:
I do that too, I notice people with curly hair more than I ever because I've started wearing my hair curly

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