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Bliss 12-30-2006 10:41 PM

want to start CG...should I clarify first?
I currently use shampoo/conditioner/gel with cones...want to start the CG method and am wondering if I need to clarify my hair first

If so, any good product suggestions?

also, whats a modified CG?


HalfWavyHalfCurly 12-30-2006 11:16 PM

Congratulations for making a great choice, I hope you are reading the book though...

In answer to your question, some people do it but I don't believe there's a real need for that. If you start out with good CG compatible CO and gel, any 'cones you may have on your hair will break down and wash off your hair eventually. What you CAN'T do is use your old products with 'cones after stopping the shampoo because then those 'cones will start to build up on your hair.

But, if it makes you feel better you can clarify "naturally" by soaking your hair for a few minutes in a mixture of 1 C. warm water w/1 Tbsp. baking soda, rinse it off with plenty of water, then apply a 'cone-free CO, "wash" with it, rinse, reapply and leave it on, then apply gel.

Bliss 12-30-2006 11:42 PM

I may try the baking soda rinse...I just started using the DevaCurl low-poo and one c so hopefully those will make a difference

HalfWavyHalfCurly 12-31-2006 12:55 AM

Sounds like you're off to a good start, those are great products, my best wishes to you! :D

wild_sasparilla 12-31-2006 03:11 AM

That's interesting, HalfWavyHalfCurly...I guess the clarifying first thing is just a matter of whether you want gradual results or want better hair nownownow!

SmallFry 12-31-2006 04:35 AM

Before I started CG, I clarified with V05 Kiwi lime. My thinking was that I could start with a clean slate. My results turned out to be pretty good IMO.
Also wanted to emphasize that reading the book is important. It has all the info you'll need to help you along.
Congrats on your decision to go CG!! My hair loves it!
note there will be a small adjustment period for your hair/scalp to get used to co-washing. Good luck!

HalfWavyHalfCurly 12-31-2006 05:28 AM

The book doesn't say anything about clarifying before starting so I didn't. And since I experienced noticeable improvement from the start can't say it's necessary, but if the person feels they have some kind of build-up it won't hurt anything to use one of the recipes in the book. But to me using a shampoo to "clarify" is an oximoron. It's like the person who says "I'll start a diet on Monday so let me eat all I can till then". Hello! You're only adding extra weight that will make your dieting longer! So using a clarifying shampooing "first" only strips the hair further, thus retarding the good effects of CG. But if anyone sees any sense in that, carry on... :roll:

Edited to add that the VO5 K&L is similar to the "Lemon-Aid" so IMO that would be fine.

Bliss 12-31-2006 01:59 PM

my only reason for wondering about clarifying is that my old s/c and products have lots of cones so I was wondering if I needed to rid my hair of those first......wasnt sure if the low-poo would get them out

Since I have a hair cut in a few days I wanted to make my curls the best they could be so that the hair cut is the best it can be

SmallFry 12-31-2006 02:28 PM

If your shampoo has cones in it too, then its probably a good idea to clarify especially if the cones are not water soluble. I have seen shampoos with cones. hth

HalfWavyHalfCurly 12-31-2006 04:06 PM

Well, since SmallFry pointed this out (thank you!) I pondered on the thought that the one exception where it makes some sense to wash one last time with a clarifying shampoo could be people who were straightening daily an using entire lines of 'cone loaded products (shampoo, CO, serum, etc.), especially bits of added serum to keep the straighten an extra day or two. But then I'd recommend doing a DT immediately and then the next day start CG from the first step. I just don't want everybody thinking clarifying is necessary in every case because even brushing/styling causes any film on the hair to break down.

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