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_lollipop_ 05-22-2011 10:00 AM

Less Curly? help!!
Ever since going mod-CG over just over a fornight ago, my hair seems to be getting less and less curly...

It feels softer, finer, and generally more healthy, but what used to be 2b/3a is now barely even wavy!

I use Naked Bounce shampoo and conditioner, which have no sulphates/cones in them (I couldn't go totally CG due to how bad my scalp got...). I then scrunch in L'Oreal's Studio Line Curl Power mousse (no cones), plop for about half an hour, and then leave to air dry.

What is going wrong, how can I get my curls back? :(

oh.hi.its.steph 05-22-2011 10:21 AM

Actually, naked bounce does have cones in it. :( Trimethylsilylamodimethicone -- which is not water soluble. The conditioner has it, at least, so there's your most likely problem. I can recommend some other products for you if you'd like. :)

_lollipop_ 05-22-2011 10:23 AM

That would be great!

I'm a teen on a very low budget in England.. :)

oh.hi.its.steph 05-22-2011 10:32 AM

I'm a teen on a very low budget in America, I hope I can help! I don't use any really expensive products, lol.

I'm not sure entirely what products your typical drugstores would carry, so I'll talk more about specific ingredients and such. But first: is your hair fine or coarse? Thin or thick?

_lollipop_ 05-22-2011 02:00 PM

Um it's probably normal, it's not especially fine or coarse, and thin...

Thanks for your help! :)

GinaMarie3 05-23-2011 04:39 PM

I've had a similar problem before and I'm pretty sure it's either A.) Build-up of products or B.) Some product is weighing down your hair.

Do you leave in conditioner after you wash your hair? If so, what kind is it and how much? It may be too thick for your hair.

Your styling product may also be what's weighing your hair down and stretching it out. Perhaps try finding a lighter product with better hold?

Also, another tip: After you get out of the shower and have applied your styling products, try plopping your hair for a half hour to an hour. this really helps motivate curl formation.

try doing a rinse with lemon or ACV (but use both sparingly!). they help clean your hair of build-up completely and I've found they somehow increase bounce and shine. too much though and they can dry it out.

I hope I helped a little! :P

_lollipop_ 05-24-2011 10:38 AM

What type of products should I be looking for, that are light but with a better hold?

I don't leave in any conditioner, it definitely weighs down my hair even more...

Thanks for your help :)

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