HELP it's humid!!

At home in Massachusetts it's been raining for over a week, and although I'm happy to now be on vacation in sunny South Carolina, it's still HUMID and my hair is frizz city! Also looking forward to the hot and sticky summer, I really need a product that will help keep the frizz at bay when it's humid, raining, or both. Does anyone have recommendations for anti-frizz products that hold up in humidity?


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I think your post was meant for me! I live in Boston but grew up in SC and my family still lives there so I visit often throughout the year.

I've found that the humidity is different between the South and the North and that my products respond differently based on where I am. In New England, Curl Keeper is my humidity lifesaver. I know some say to reduce humectants like glycerin in humidity, but CK prevents frizz for me. It makes any product perform better in NE humidity. In SC, CK helps with frizz but doesn't work as well. My HG that works in both places is Spiral Solutions Curl Enhancing Jelly. I can use the CEJ alone or with CK. HTH!

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