Chemo hair

Hello everyone,

I have a new development in my hair due to my current cancer treatment. I started a clinical trial drug in January and my hair has become increasingly more curly ever since. The top curls tighter than the rest. It actually kinks so tight to my scalp that it hurts. I can comb the top with a fine tooth comb and it will curl back up without any problems. The rest is a mixture of 2c, 3a and the random straight bits. Have any of you had problems with your curls making your head sore? I blew it out straight and it looked great for about two hours. After that, the top began to kink back up and gave me a headache. So blowing out straight is no longer an option.

I did want to say thanks. I've been lurking and found quite a bit of information that has helped me adapt but this hair is beyond my experience. So if anyone knows how to avoid a sore scalp with their curls I would love to hear it.

oh yeah and my part has completely disappeared. How does that happen?
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Wish I could suggest something, but I don't have tight curls.

Hope you find some good information.

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