One Condition as Deep Conditioner?

I've never used One Condition but today I purchased DevaCare One Condition. I would have purchased Devacurl but the fragrance hurts my eyes

When you use One Condition as a deep conditioner, do you add anything else to it (oils, honey, etc) or do you use it as is? Do you apply heat?

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I have used it as a DT in the past, and when I did, I took about 2-3 minutes combing it through, and then I covered my head with a plastic cap, and then kept it in my head at least 20 minutes. You can use it with heat, if you would like to make it penetrate deeper like they do in the Salons, of course.

I have only used it "as is" only, without ever adding anything to it.
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Good luck! i didn't have any luck at all. I tried it as a DT and got drier, more tangly hair. I don't think deva is working for me.

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I used it yesterday as a DT. Left it on my hair for 1 hr. and did add some heat. It worked well. Carlos at Devachan, also strongly suggested leaving it on overnight as a DT.
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