Washing hair and working out

I work out everyday and living in Florida there is no getting around sweating even during the winter. I feel I should wash my hair everyday becasue of this. Just curious about how others handle working out and washing hair.
I work out and/or go running just about everyday also. I do not use shampoo, but just do conditioner washes a few times a week. I can tell when my hair might need it, especially if I did a difficult workout. I have not had any issues. I believe the conditioner & stimulation you give your scalp is enough to get rid of the sweat.
I work out almost everyday and I co-wash just about everday as well. This seems to be working for me.
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Just a finger-scrub of the scalp (with just water) and a thorough rinse under warm water does the trick, if I'm just sweaty.
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I co-wash 4-5x per week to rinse out the sweat from my hair.
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I live in Florida, too, and step, box, and run six days a week. I can't wash my hair everyday because it gets way too dry, so I was washing one day, conditioning only the next. Recently, however, I purchased Curl Junkie's shampoo/conditioner in one, and it seems as if I can safely use a dot of this, instead of just the conditioner, so I alternate between Elucence MBS and MBC and the Curl Junkie.
Another Floridian here.

I use the Deva products and I No-Poo every day, even if I don't sweat. I think it's force of habit more than anything. I'll have to try co-washing one of these days to see if it feels as clean. I haven't noticed that it's too dry from cleaning it daily.
I just rinse on the days that I don't wash.
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I work out every day also and I do fine with just co-washing.

I work out 5 days a week but I admittedly don't wash my hair every single time. It's just too much trouble and I have too much hair. I use a refresher spray in between after working out and so far I haven't had any wrinkled noses from people.
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I work out almost everyday and I co-wash just about everday as well. This seems to be working for me.
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Do you guys work out in the morning and then do your hair before work? If so, how long does that take? Are you able to do your hair routine in the locker room?
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I haven't found the perfect schedule as far as working out and washing my hair. I still haven't found a good way to get second day curls, so I would have to wash my hair in the morning, work out at night like usual, then wash my hair again before bed. That is two too many hair washes every day!

I just can't drag myself out of bed to work out early, seeing as I have to get up at 5am most days anyways. Get up at 3 to get a work out and a good hair day? Noooo way.
What's working this week:
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I have been working out in the morning since I haven't been working, so I had lots of time to fool with my hair. But I have found a job and now will be getting up at 4:30 and won't be getting home until 4:30. So working out in the morning will not longer be an option. So I plan to work out when I get home and wash or co wash at night and go to bed with crunchy, pineapple hair and crossed fingers for a good hair day!
I've tried doing the early morning workouts, and that lasted all of two times. I'm just a pm exerciser. Plus I don't have to rush when I do it after work.
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I've been wondering what others do about this as well? Especially AM exercisers. I HAVE to work-out in the AM or else I have too much time to talk myself out of it. So, then I'm faced with having to either air-dry or diffuse EVERY day. Forget about 2nd day hair.

Since, I've been CG, I've just been rinsing it in the shower and adding some CO to the ends each day.

I take one "off" day a week and that day I oil my hair, wrap it up for most of the day and then CO wash later.
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i cowash daily as i hike and swim every day, but i do my hair at night, i love plopping overnight-works great. use shampoo every 6 wks b4 color and that is ALL!
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