Alberto VO5 conditioning Hairdressing: oldie but goodie

I had just read the article by CURLCHEMIST about mineral oil and immediately this product came to mind. I use to use many many years ago. so, what the heck, I picked it up at walmart.

I used it tonight, put on wet hair, combed through and styled as usual and it left my hair soooo soft and shiny. Not curl defined because lately I'm into the 'elongated waves' look. Did NOT leave my hair greasy at all.

It didn't do anything on dry hair. (yes, I tried some on at the store)

I'll use it for a while till I want to return to my curly look.

P.s. I used the original formula for normal/dry hair.
I use it! Not every day, but a few a week. I mix the TINIEST bit in with my aloe and use it as a leave in. I'll also do the same sometimes for a curl refresher - takes the friz RIGHT out!

My hair is porous, so in some ways it works better for my hair than coconut oil, etc. (though I like those, too!)

If I use more that that tiny bit, and don't mix it with aloe first (or mix it with a leave in instead), I can do the same thing as you - elongated waves. I also find it helps when straightening my hair, which I do every now and then.

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