Favorite Brocato products?

Saw some at Ulta...thinking of giving them a try. What's your fave?

they had cloud 9 shampoo, cloud 9 conditioner , splash shampoo, curl karma cream, saturation, as well as some others
fine hair with botticelli curls according to my stylist
currently trialing devacurl low poo, one c and angell
The only Brocato item I've tried is the Cloud 9 Shampoo & it made my hair feel so dry & tangled during rinsing; there was an extreme amount of squeak & I lost so much hair each time I tried it (3 ~ 3rd time's a charm or 3 strikes it's out), probably from not being able to get my fingers through & out of my hair!!! Oh, and I hated its melon-cucumber scent.
I just got the Cloud 9 Treatment conditioner and the Saturation conditioner from this line (both are in 'tube' type of containers). I have only used the Saturation conditioner so far and I wasn't too happy with it. It seemed to make my hair dry out really fast and get really, really frizzy. I'll give it a few more goes, but it wasn't the result I was expecting.
3c-like S-waves and random curls
Fine density; medium & fine strands
Naturally very dry and very frizzy
thanks....I checked the ingredients tonight and the saturation leave in is a no go (has one of my allergens)...the rest looks ok ingredient wise though...curious to see if anyone else has liked anything
fine hair with botticelli curls according to my stylist
currently trialing devacurl low poo, one c and angell
I have been using the Splash shampoo. It's sulfate free but lathers. Several sulfate-free poos I've tried have been drying but this one hasn't been for me. I really like it.
I have only tried the Karma curl cream (it was half price), and thought it was pretty decent.
I've used the Saturation leave-in and the Curl Karma cream, and I've really like them both. I use the leave in after I work out at the gym if I don't want to re-do my hair for the rest of the day. It always leaves my hair really soft and with no other products in it's still pretty much frizz free. I used the cream without any other styling products and then diffused and that has also worked well for me. Too bad the saturation won't work for you, but if you want - try the curl karma. I really liked it.

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