help! i dont know what to do anymore w. this hair.

I recently just found this site and i think its wonderful, but i just don't know what to do with my hair. i got it relaxed a few months back so its a little bit less of a hassle but not really.. I'm just getting so frustrated with my curls because i live in a small town everyones hair is perfect and its straight & lovely .. but I'm bi-racial and my hair has like a weird texture & stuff but i don't know what to do I want to keep it cute and curly and make it work but it just seems to be frizzing and puffing & i don't want to have to straighten it any more i cant do it - to much time& it doesn't seem like my hair ever grows either, what can i do with it - it pretty much seems impossible to deal with anymore, how can i keep it cute and curly like luscious curls and styles...
do you have any pics? What products are you using?
fine hair with botticelli curls according to my stylist
currently trialing devacurl low poo, one c and angell
Currently I use .. Studio Line Mousse
& Pantene Shampoo&Conditoner for relaxed hair
& just like a regular super hold hairspray..
(dont mind me being an idiot, and the kid next to me hah)
Definitely hang around here and read up on some of the posts through the different forums. I struggled with my hair so much when it was curly that I usually just ended up straightening it daily. After being around this site for a month or so I had a great hair routine and line up of products that I use.

Its a good idea to look through the product reviews section of the site under "curl products" at the top and keep up with what people are saying about different products on this board. You'll be able to see what people with your hair type are having good luck with.

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