Lets make Curly Hair new years resolutions!!

I have been in Cuba for 2 weeks & while its a lovely place, my hair looked like crap all the time.

It got so bad, I had to cave in and buy a conditioner & all I saw was Fructis, with amodimeticone as the second ingredient.
I have not used very coneheavy stuff for years & I had the ugliest hair in history because of the a-cone.
You know those black wigs kids wear when they dress up as witches?
Throw in a little dust & oil, theres my Cubahair.

So, my CHNR is:

I WILL NOT USE CONES..AT ALL!! (Not even the "innocent" ones. I just threw away my Dermalogica Facewash because it has dimethicone, it cant be good stuff.)

& I WILL GET PROFFESSIONAL TRIMS EVERY 3-4 MONTHS.(No more messing around on my own)

Thats all...make your own!!
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Esmeralda, do you think the humidity was what did your hair in?

Here's my resolutions:

I will not brush my hair (even right before washing it).

I will wash my hair more often (refer to my username!)

I will not buy any more hair products (I already have a lot of new stuff to try).

I will occasionally not use gel and styling products.

I will find a routine that works for me.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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My resolutions for this year:

I will take full control of my curly hair

I will educate my mother fully about curly hair so in the event I let her do my hair, I won't look like I have just stuck my finger in an electric socket.

I will experiment more with my hair.

I will NEVER switch hairstylists just because my mom says she likes it. I promise never to stray from my good hairstylist again.

Now lets see how many of these I can actually keep. :P
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Hair Resolutions:

No cones.
No shampoo.
Less hair products.
More CG Homeade products.
No straight irons.
No straightening anything.
No hair dryer.
No more ponies.
No more hair ties that pull my hair.
No more crazy cutting by hairdressers that are non-curly friendly.
No combs.
No brushes, period.
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I feel I have the PJ and the routine under control, so I have only one resolution: I will not have my hair dominate my schedule. If I find I'm fussing too much, and I'm going to run late, it's going in a messy bun or ponytail. I don't have time for vanity.
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esmerelda - i think in the past you've said we have very similar hair needs, and the amodimethicone goes to prove it. lots of curlies say the a-cone doesn't do anything bad to their hair, and is easily removed. when i used garnier fructis once it looked like crap! it was as if i'd been using cones for a month without shampooing! so i will join you on that resolution - no cones, ever!

My hair resolutions:

Do not try products that contain proteins even if you think 'just this time they might work' - they won't.

On that note, don't try any new products until you're old products have run out. I've found a good routine and it works.

Try only wash your hair 2-3 times a week. I used to only wash twice a week and my was fine, so I'm going to try get back to that.

Stop talking about curly hair so much to those who aren't interested!

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