Summer/holiday haircare

I've very recently started the CG method, so I'm still exploring and looking for the best products/methods for my hair, I am nervous however that all my efforts will go to waste when summer arrives.

I live in Australia, so this summer in December I'm going on a cruise for a while and undoubtedly will spend the stinking hot days lounging in the sunshine and swimming in the pool (and sea)...I LOVE swimming, and I adore the feeling of the water in my hair and have it flowing behind me...however silly it may sound, it really is a major part of my love for the water. Anyway, I am worried that during this time my hair will revert back to its old, frizzy, limp self and am wondering what people do with their hair while on summer holidays. I've heard that putting cocoa butter in the hair can reduce the damage done by chlorine, and I will wear a hat in the sun, but still wondering if anybody has any other tips they would like to share.

Any suggestions on summer haircare would be greatly appreciated

Also, I'll take this opportunity to say just how much I adore reading through these threads. Everybody seems genuinely caring and excited to help anybody with their questions, and I am extremely proud to be part of this wonderful community
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OOh, sounds lovely! Maybe this is your chance to just protect your hair from chlorine and sun, keep your moisture / protein balance, and skip the time consuming part - styling. If you find a hairband or up-do you like, you'll look great in heels (or sandals!) no matter how your hair dries, or if it is still wet from the pool.

Have fun!
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1. I'm jealous. A cruise sounds heavenly right now!!

2. I don't have a pool, and I don't live near the ocean. Having said that, I have read that some of the curlies here like to sort of pre-treat their hair before they go swimming. Wetting it down with regular water before swimming helps to keep too much of the chlorinated water from absorbing. Also, you can wet it down and add some conditioner to it before you go in the water, too. Rinsing it as soon as possible after swimming would also help, but I know that's not always realistic - maybe you could keep a spritz bottle of regular water or a water/condish mix in your bag to use after swimming. Maybe keep a bottle of good CG condish in your pool/beach bag, and as soon as you come out of the water to lounge, rake a generous amount in? That might help to counteract the drying effects of the chlorine and salt, too.

3. Did I already say I'm jealous? Oh, right.
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Thank you for the advice, I'll definitely be smothering my hair in butters and conditioners.

Rustina, my parents went on a cruise earlier this year to the Caribbean, and I was SO jealous, but my grandmother thought I might like to go this year seeing as it will be right after I finally finish my last year of school. I hope you get to go away somewhere soon, let us know, I'd love to hear

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