Clarifying, leaving in condish and EATING MY BRAINS!!!!

Thought that'd get your attention. It's also basically how I feel when thinking about what the heck to do with my hair!

Even my shampoo has cones, and I feel that I've weighed it down and killed it. I want the cones out immediately even if I just go back on them, just for a clean slate. So for those out there who are against clarifying shampoo, sorry, but I'm gonna use it in this case.

So, I've read from a poster here that VO5 extra body condish is as good as elucence mbc. Even if it's not, that's all there is that isn't coney in my house. My mom uses it for her fine straight hair along with the shampoo. So, just in case it isn't uber-moisturizing, would leaving a bunch in make me greasy? In case it is uber-moisturizing, would it be okay to leave in such a moisturizing condish?

I'm also not using gel over it, so if that makes any difference...

Here is the VO5 extra body condish.

Thank you!!

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Nobody? It looks like I'm gonna make some craaaaaazy mistakes...

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I've never used that conditioner, so I don't have an opinion. But, why not look for a shampoo without cones?
I've used the Extra Body conditioner and loved it as I do the other VO5 conditioners I use - the Tea Therapy and especially the Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream (I only have 5 bottles of this stuff lying in wait along with about 4 bottles of Garnier Fructis conditioners ).

I second SuZen's question - why not use a sulfate-free poo?
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Vo5 Free Me Up Freesia is a wonderful conditioner and I use it before my Elucence conditioner. The two give me the moisture I need in the winter time.
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Leave in: Elucence MBC
Gel: HEBE or Aussie Instant Freeze gel.
Shampoo: Elucence Moisture Balance
So, I clarified! I thought, Hm, so this is what stripped hair feels like. My hair thought, Crap! What did you do to me?
Then I smoothed in some globs of the extra body, and if felt really nice but I was afraid to use a lot because it IS my mom' I didn't use enough.
But even then it still rinsed out nice and smooth! I gently squished out some water and my hair looked amazing, sleek and already curling up. Then I experimented with scrunching out water with a paper towel. My damp hair got kinda frizzy and straggly, so maybe my hair was still using that water. Oops!
I plopped to let it calm down, unplopped (looked good!) and slept with it wet. I usually have pretty dry hair by morning, maybe a few damp spots, and that's with product, so I expected it dry or even more so because there was nothing left in.

When I woke up it was still wet! It was like I'd just washed it. Must've had something to do with the temp in my house, because there was NOTHING left in to make it do that, I made extra sure to rinse all the condish out.
Then, I diffused because walking to school with wet hair would kill me with the cold in the air and the cold in my body. Sounds friendly if you don't have my deadly conair diffuser. Sooo, big poofball ensues except for one or two still alive pieces. One dies from an ill-timed dryer blast, the other is a nice little ringlet the cones have been stretching lately to oblivion (woo, it's back!). I left it out, and it actually spiralled more throughout the day. It looks great - the rest, well, it belongs tied back.

And that's why they call me Benny! (If you've never seen Jimmy Neutron, you probably don't get the non-sequitur there...oh well. Embrace your inner child!)

In other news, I'M GOING WHALE WATCHING TOMORROW -- and I'm still awake? Jeez. G'night, all!

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