Frustrated with new layers...pic....

So about a month ago I went to get 2 inches off. i didn't ask for a new style, just 2 inches off. She's cut my hair for the last year and never done anything different, so this was unexpected.

The layers used to be very graduated, but this new thing is awful. My hair goes down to about my nose (when curly) and there are graduated layers there, but then there is a blunt shelfy thing going on until the next length. It's like I have a short wig over long hair.

I straightened it today (hate my hair straight but wanted to show exactly what these new layers look like).

How do I describe this so that I can avoid it in the future? Is there anything I can have done to correct it without loosing any length or getting shorter layers?

I hate it. It look like crap curly because the shorter part curls up and makes it shelfy.

The first pic in my album is the straightened hair that shows what I mean. Can you see it? Is the pic too darK?
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It's kind of hard to see because of your hair color but I really don't think it looks bad. I used to have that haircut (when I wore it straight all the time) and loved it. I flipped the top layer under and the bottom layer out. It felt very bouncy and happy.

As far as fixing it....maybe you can get more layers, but none shorter than the shortest one you already have. That might make it feel less 'blunt' for you.

I'm sure it doesn't look nearly as bad as you think it does. The curly pics look great!
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I'd try telling her you just want three layers at the very bottom, none shorter than your chin or wherever you want them. Those are full on layers. You look good but I'd be pissed off if I got one thing and then suddenly they take it upon themselves to change things. Also the shortest layer is too short I think.
The good news is it will grow out nice and even but man you were JUST growing out from a bad cut and just got to liking your length and style.
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If you/she grabs a few individual curls around the "shelf" (describes perfectly per my experience too) and cuts those curls' ends at about a 45 degree angle rather than bluntly straight across, that can break up the shelf, help still avoid the dreaded triangle-head, and effect the length minimally.

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