Honey/olive-coconut-jojoba oils

How do you incorporate these into your haircare?

Just add to your conditioner and rinse?
use on their own?

fine hair with botticelli curls according to my stylist
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I myself love jojoba, and coconut oils. How I incorporate the jojoba oil into my routine is after I do my cowash, or partial cowash in the shower, and putting gel gently through my strands I put a tiny drop of jojoba oil onto my palms and rub it together for a few seconds to warm it up. Then I proceed to rub it gently over my canopy, and throughout hair...very gently. It adds shine. I have added a slight bit of organic jasmine oil to my jojoba oil to give it a nice smell. (Many people add it right into their condish, or shampoo, depending if you are shampoo-less or not.) You can add a little to DT too.

As for the olive oil, sometimes I add a slight bit of olive oil as well. You can also add a little scented essential oil to that as well. I pour a small amount of extra virgen pressed olive oil in a small cup, and just dab my fingers into it and rub my hands together and spread it on top of my canopy, and especially my ends where it seems to soak it up. Especially when it feels dry. I sometimes get a little itch from olive oil so I try not to put it near my scalp. It works great for me though. Many gals mix their oils to their liking, longhair community has some good suggestions as well.

Coconut I have not used recently but their are certain versions that are more adaptable to hair and labeled as such. When I use coconut oil I use it when I have a deep treatment. I use whichever conditioner I am using for DT and I put the coconut oil on my hands and mix it in with the condish, then I take a warm moist towel, heated in micro, and leave it on all day, or overnight. I have found if I leave it in too long my hair gets limp...overconditioned. The healthier my hair gets the less time I leave it on for, but thirsty dry hair often will drink it up, my hair loves it. You have to be careful with coconut oil because it can go rancid. I found this on the website but have not tried it yet, another girl swore by it.

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Any of those oils may be used for DTs, either straight or mixed with a CO or a tiny bit at a time on the ends.

Honey acts as a moisturizer, curl enhancer and helps with shine. It may be added to COs and gels, especially 100% aloe vera gel to give it more hold; it can also be used in a water rinse.

If you look in the "Recipe" section you'll find more ideas, also try a search and a ton of stuff will pop up as this subject comes up practically every week.
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I did a search for honey but didnt find any good info (what I did see was lot of posts where people listed it as part of their routines....but now HOW they used it)
Will search again though
fine hair with botticelli curls according to my stylist
currently trialing devacurl low poo, one c and angell

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