Grey hair is straighter than the rest!

I just found my first few greys towards the back of my head (in my late 20's), and they're way less curly than the rest of my head! I'm a 3c with corkscrews on most of my head with looser curls in the front. The grey hairs are even less curly than these! I've grown to love my curls in the last few years now that I have good product/hairstylist, and I'm kinda freaking out that they're going to start to disappear! Has anyone had this happen? Is all of the grey going to come out like this? I'm hoping someone has some positive experience with this, I don't want to freak out for nothing, but my curly hair is part of me, I don't want to say goodbye to it!
I discovered my first grays in my 20's also, and colored up until just last fall (I'll be 44 this month). I've decided to stop coloring and let my gray come in, and I have a lot of it, especially around my face. I'm finding the same thing on the canopy/top layer - the grays are not as curly, and the ones that are curly are kind of wonky. I'm committed to not coloring, so I'm going to have to live with whatever decides to grow out of my head.

I've just started using coconut oil, and have determined that it does a great job of softening those grays so that at least they don't stick up in all directions. I've read articles stating that gray hair loses moisture more easily than hair with natural or artificial color in it, so I do more DT's and use more moisturizing products.

So far, I've only got about 4-5" of gray growth, so it's hard to tell what I'll have once all my old color is cut off. I've seen many curlies with beautiful heads of gray hair, so I know that gray hair CAN be curly. Whether it WILL be curly, though, is up to genetics.
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I have found that my grays are not as curly as the rest. Unfortunately, as I get more gray my curl pattern is loosening up.

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I have quite a few white hairs with a tight S pattern and / or random kinks, as opposed to my usual loose spirals. These oddballs are also bumpy (probably porous) and thicker than the rest.

Doing frequent protein treatments makes them straighten out and stick up, while the rest of my hair clumps and spirals better with protein. Smoothing olive oil down the strays has really helped soften them and let them blend with the rest. Olive, coconut, argan, or meadowfoam should work for this, as they are some of the few oils that can penetrate.

I also have lots of white hair that acts just like my brown hair, so, I'm hopeful that my curl pattern won't change that much as I go white. Hopefully, other people will have good news about this too.
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I had some gray in college

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