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Is it enough to add stuff to the FSG that already contain preservatives? Like if I make plain FSG and add say the protein filler, do you think it would go bad quicker vs not adding anything at all to the FSG?

Btw iagirl I'm in awe that you took the time to do this experiments.

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Originally Posted by sapphirestarr14
That's a great question. I have read a little about that - when you add ingredients which already include preservatives like the protein filler or some of the grapefruit extracts or any other "preserved" additive; you do get some of the benefits of the preservative, even though it's diluted.

I have noticed that when I add protein filler (CNPF), the FSG stays clearer and thick a little longer (in the fridge).
Originally Posted by IAgirl

That's good to know. I try to keep my FSG in the fridge at all times. But my first batch I forgot it outside overnight and it smelled funny so I dumped it. But with this new batch I added beyond the zone protein cocktail (I bought it before I knew about the rave CNPF was receiving) I haven't left it out long at all but it's been almost 2 weeks and it definitely has held up better than my first batch. I guess I can attribute it to that.

Now are you saying that even if I but a preservative in the FSG it's still likely go bad in 2 weeks (in the fridge)? Are these preservatives expensive? Where can I buy them?
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If you put a "broad-spectrum" preservative in your FSG, it should stay fresh for a month or more. Stabilizing ingredients like EDTA help if a long shelf life is what you're after.
You can buy preservatives from online shops which sell "lotion making supplies," "soap making supplies" and "cosmetics making supplies" to home crafters. Just type any of those phrases into a web search and you'll find a lot of options.
Look for those who offer the least expensive shipping and secure checkout! Shopping around can save you a lot on shipping when a $2-4 bottle of preservatives costs several times that to ship.
Read the fine print too, some preservatives increase pH, some don't combine well with cationics (bad for those who add BTMS to their FSG).
Here is a super reference: Point of Interest!: Preservatives
Thank you so much for doing this! Such great info that we can all use for making FSG. I made my own batch a while ago, but it was just straight FSG with no additives. It didn't really love it and wanted to add to it to make it better for my hair. Next time I make a batch, I'll be sure to consult your results!
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What is EDTA, and where would I get it? Where does one get citric acid?

Would I need to use these things if I bought and used optiphen?

I've been keeping my FSG in the fridge and it's lasting on average 2 weeks, and I freeze the excess. I'd like to add something to preserve it because I want to give some of it away to curly haired family members and I don't want to run the risk of it going bad. I'll tell them to refridgerate it but I can't make them remember to do so, you know? Any added insurance I can put in the gel would help.
I have lavender EO on on hand, and I just bought some Orange EO (because I remembered reading "add citric acid" LOL, but I don't think that is the same thing, is it?) and I bought some Rosemary EO because I thought I saw on here that Rosemary had preservative-like properties. I have read so many threads in the past couple of days I couldn't remember I bought grapeseed oil instead of grapefruit seed extract!! LOL But I can add grapeseed extract to the FSG as a moisturizer, right? It's a nice alternative to coconut and olive oil.
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If you use Optiphen Plus, you don't need EDTA, but you'll probably do better with the citric acid. The "Plus" is a broader-spectrum preservative.
However...the citric acid can lower the pH which makes some hair types shinier and less frizzy. Optiphen Plus works best at a pH below 6 and you can lower pH with citric acid (so get some pH test strips, or use a pinch for citric acid per 1 cup batch of FSG). You can get citric acid at health food stores (it's used for sprouting), or you can get Optiphen Plus (and EDTA and citric acid) from cosmetics or lotionmaking suppliers. Look it up on Google or whatever you use and compare prices and shipping rates. I think I may have even seen it sold on Amazon.com.
The thing about rosemary oils and grapseed oils is that they have "preservative-like" properties, not true preservatives. Better to stick with the strictly-formulated and well-tested ones for gifts. ITA about not being able to "make" people refrigerate that stuff.

I have fine, not-porous hair that gets weighed down by coconut oil, but it does really great with grapeseed oil - so go for it! It a "dry" oil - if you rub a drop on your skin, it has a dry-feeling finish, not greasy or oily. Great stuff!

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