Curly Girl Handbook question

What is the difference between the first and second CG? I'm looking on amazon to buy the book and the first one is 33 cents+ 4$ s&h and the second one is 7$+4$ s&h. Which would you recommend I buy?
Haven't read the old one but the new one has a DVD with instructions where she shows some of the CG techniques.
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Hmmm... It's a tough choice. I'm fourteen years old and I'm cheap xD. Maybe I'll take a loan from my older sister so I don't have to spend all of my money... ;D
definitely read the 2nd one, the newer one. and watch the dvd.
you can get it out of the library.
or, you can sit and read it in a bookstore like borders. should have the newer version,2009, for sale at a cheaper price.
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I was looking at my library and they didn't have it. I'll probably just buy it on amazon for 11$. The borders in my area shut down :'(
I've had the old one for years now (bought it for my mom!) and it's good but I've read through the new one and it has a lot more information and updated. It does have the dvd and also has more stuff about wavy hair compared to the old one.
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The old one is worth about $.33 because it has very little information. The new one is MUCH better. The DVD is really helpful in helping you learn how to handle your hair.

If you don't have a lot of money to spend, the best "bang for the buck" is Struttswife's ebook. I think it's $9.95 and available here: Live Curly Live Free - Home It doesn't have information that you might not find on, but it's all in one place. It has A LOT more information then the CG book.
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