I had my first dry hair cut from a Devachan trained stylist yesterday. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

I have read and re-read the section of the Curly Girl book where Lorraine describes how she does haircuts-unfurling each curl, making sure the curls around the face are of a flattering length and equal on each side, etc. I don't feel like the stylist did that. It seemed like he cut fairly large sized areas of hair at once instead of a bit at a time, and it seemed sort of rushed.

I wasn't feeling well yesterday, (bad headache) but didn't want to cancel...so I forgot to ask about using clips, etc. He didn't even mention them.

I don't know...the person who cut my hair is the owner of the salon. I can never tell if I like a cut until a few days afterwards (don't know why, that's just me) I don't know if he rushed, or I just felt crappy, but I didn't feel like I got the whole "Devachan experience."

The price was very reasonable-the same as I'd pay at another salon. There are two other Devachan certified salons not too far away from me, but they charge more than twice the price of the place I went.

I guess I should just see how my hair looks in a few days, and if it grows out nicely.

I apologize for all the rambling-thanks for listening. I'm just not sure if I'm happy about my haircut or not.